Sebastian Bodenstein

Machine Learning Research Engineer


Yet another theoretical physicist who jumped onto the machine learning bandwagon in 2013 post-AlexNet.

Currently working at DeepMind on protein folding.


  • Unsupervised and Reinforcement Learning
  • Deep Learning Framework Development
  • Bayesian Inference
  • Causal Inference
  • Physics


  • PhD in Theoretical Physics, 2014

    University of Cape Town

  • BSc in Mathematics and Physics, 2007

    University of Cape Town

Blog Posts


AlphaZero is a landmark result in Artificial Intelligence research: it is a single algorithm that mastered Chess, Go and Shogi having …


Mathematica Neural Net Framework

Was one of the two main creators of the Mathematica Neural Net Framework

Wolfram Neural Net Repository

Lead the development of the Wolfram Neural Net Repository.

Indaba Reinforcement Learning Tutorial

Designing a reinforcement learning tutorial appropriate for a very wide audience.


MongoLink is a package for interacting with MongoDB inside the Wolfram Language via the high-performance MongoDB C driver.

The PC Causal Discovery Algorithm

A Mathematica implementation.

Road to Reality Solutions

Solutions to Penrose’s The Road to Reality.



AlphaZero is the successor to the famous AlphaGo algorithm that beat a champion Go player. Unlike AlphaGo, it requires no human games …

Writing and Publications